Flexible Packaging 101

Flexible Packaging 101

Flexible Packaging Both Past and Present

In order to appreciate the magnitude of change taking place in the market today we must first look back a couple of decades to when there was literally just a handful of Standup Pouch products in the North American market.

At that time, Kraft’s Capri Sun took the bold step to enter the market with single serve beverage pouch sold in a multipack of 10 units.  The Capri Sun pouch product line grew into billions of pouches annually over the next couple decades and today reportedly exceeds 5 billion single serve units globally.  As mentioned this single product market success, more than any other pushed the market forward and has since been used as a model to illustrate consumer acceptance, importance of convenience and the possibility of demographic acceptance of a packaging format.

A multitude of products have followed Capri Sun and are still coming along at an increasing rate, with no end in sight.  A new generation of “pouch consumers” setting up the perfect storm of acceptance toward other newly introduced Standup Pouch product applications.  PCI Films Consulting Ltd. reported that spending on flexible packaging in North America will reach $25 billion by 2018.

There is no question that Flexible Packaging is now being taken more seriously than ever as a truly viable alternative to many forms of traditional rigid packaging.  This trending shift away from rigid packaging has begun a gradual tipping point that will have ramifications for decades to come.