According to the Euromonitor, one of the top 10 global consumer trends for 2014 is a nation of so called “eco-warriers” who increasingly care about sustainability and the environmental impact of everything they buy.  More and more consumers are becoming “conscientious consumers” and want to feel good about the products they purchase.  With each dollar they spend they are making the choice to support environmentally responsible purchases as opposed to the less responsible options.

Being “green conscious” not only adds value back into manufacturing-generated waste, but it exudes a level of responsibility and a feel good experience for the consumer.

The flexible packaging industry produces innovative, sustainable packaging that offers significant value to product manufacturers, retailers, and consumers.  To read this article please

Today, shoppers, brands, and retailers are all focused on more sustainable packaging solutions. To determine which packaging alternatives are better for the environment, you really need to consider all impacts throughout a package’s life cycle. These “Life Cycle Assessments” reveal that flexible packaging typically creates less environmental impact compared to traditional packaging options.